We are a certified language Institute offering intensive German
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Why Study at EURASIA

Institute Berlin?


With students from more than 80 countries across the globe, we have a very friendly and diverse environment providing students the opportunity to experience high levels of exposure and to learn, understand and respect different cultures.


Ever since being founded in 1993,with over 20 years of experience, Eurasia Institute Germany has grown tremendously as an institution and has developed a very clear understanding of student requirements, top quality educational opportunities in the form of pathway programmes and how to cater for all their students from all across the globe.


Eurasia is an accredited exam centre for TestDaf, TestAS and telc marking its officially recognized quality.

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Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is known as the land of ideas with a strong emphasis on innovation and development. The MIG (Made in Germany) Trademark holds the values of Germany itself, which are high quality, reliability and performance. As the powerhouse of European economy, Germany is at the top list of countries exporting education and is one of the largest foreign investors and employers around the world. The only barrier that students could face in Germany is the language. However our Eurasia Pathway programme equips students with all the tools they’ll need to become successful.

Student Services

We have a highly supportive student services team that provides help with all the matters that concern students. The services include providing accommodation, health insurance, police registration as well as student mentoring. We empower our students and encourage them to ask us questions so we can make their stay in Germany even more pleasant.

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University Placement

Each international student in our study in Germany university pathway programme receives an individualized roadmap on the basis of a personal interview and an eligibility assessment. If you have signed up for a university pathway programme then you have automatically booked our university placement counselling service at no extra cost. Once you have reached B2 level German you take an introductory seminar on the German university system and in particular concerning the Eurasia partner university to which you have been accepted as a student. One week later group counselling sessions are organized for all students in which the following themes are discussed in depth.

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