Removing barriers and building bridges across the cultural, religious and state boundaries through academic exchange.

That is what EURASIA’s strategy for internationalization in education is all about. We excel at this. The key to success is connecting through communication.

EURASIA helps universities to connect world wide. With a solid foundation of partner universities, technical universities and universities of applied science in Germany, our international outreach enriches the academic experience of students and academic faculty around the globe, from Inner Mongoliato Eastern Europe and from Pakistan to East Africa.

Partner universities benefit from our extensive network in over 80 countries.

> Strategic and practical support in international student recruitment around the globe from undergraduate to postgraduate level

> Planning and participation in international education fairs as well as organisation of targeted student recruitment activities

> Screening and examination of candidates according to set criteria around the globe

> Establishment of German Resource Centres on campus to provide an anchoring point for all academic activities relating to Germany

> Co-organisation of academic summer programmes and student or faculty exchange programmes with recognition of credit points

> Export of pathway programmes abroad in cooperation with schools and universities with the aim of streamlining the recruitment process

> Setting up of cross-border dual degree programmes in cooperation universities

> Arranging international internship programmes including the necessary pathway for students

> Career-oriented (academic or professional) on-campus consulting for students planning an international career


Intercultural Training

Successful communication between university staff and foreign students on-campus is all about understanding how the other humans tick.

The first lesson to be learnt is that we are basically all the same. Realizing this is both encouraging and enlightening.Understanding it requires time and devotion. Our intercultural training seminars start you off on the right track.

Our seminar leaders and trainers have lived and worked in the particular countries being looked at. An emphasis is placed on active participation. This includes simulation exercises and role play in preparation for a variety of situations which could arise during everyday on-campus interaction.

EURASIA offers intercultural seminars on awareness-raising in interaction with students from a particular cultural background. The seminars are primarily aimed at staff of the international office as well as lecturers in international degree programmes, but are also provided for students and tutors who come into contact with foreign students on campus.