Double Degree Programmes

Are interested in experiencing the benefits of an international education but prefer not to spend your whole academic career abroad?

A double degree offers you the best of both worlds. A German university partners up with a university in your home country and agree on a common syllabus. You spend 2 semesters in Germany one of which is an internship semester in a German company. By the end of your studies you have several advantages over your colleagues: a third language, a double degree awarded by two universities, an internship experience abroad as well as the possibility of doing an additional Master’s degree. At the same time you save a great deal on financial resources since 75% of the programme is in your home country.

Your Pathway is organised by EURASIA within the framework of an institutional agreement. The EURASIA German Ressource Centre operates within your university and its staff is responsible for teaching the German language pathway according to our curriculum. Depending on the programme structure you may learn one or two levels of German language per semester parallel to your academic studies programme. By the time you reach Germany you will be in a position to follow your studies in German language and also to pass the final German language exam needed for you to graduate. Our proven track record and a series of checks, controls and safety nets will guarantee your success on the programme.

Partner Institutions work with EURASIA to develop new programmes on the basis of MoUs together with universities in Germany and abroad. Programmes are of mutual benefit to all parties and are particularly beneficial to graduate students who enjoy a wide spectrum of advantages over their fellow students. A phase of mutual acquaintance, negotiation and deliberation is prerequisite for the creation of such programmes, a process which EURASIA initiates, supports and brings to fruition. EURASIA is also active in involving industrial and state partners to co-finance such projects and also in the development of scholarship programmes for needy students.

German Resource Centers (GRCs)

GRCs are a platform for promoting foreign languages, cultures and education as well as for strengthening relations between participating countries in the spheres of business, technology, and industry.

We currently have GRCs in the following countries:

India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Nepal, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China and Albania

Some of the activities include:

> Cultural events

> Information seminars

> Student and faculty exchange programmes

> Study visits / campus tours

Benefits of having a German Resource Centre:

> Native Speakers as German Language Teachers

> Multi-national team; better insight into local culture

> Great variety of courses, including 2-phase programmes

> Close connections with German and local businesses and industries

> Comprehensive support at all stages

> Always up-to-date information about German legislation in related fields

> Well-established relations with governmental bodies on both sides

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