Partner universities of EURASIA Institute


TH Wildau

th wildau

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is a modern, aspiring practice-oriented university which offers a traditional engineering training. It enables students to swiftly adapt to professional requirements in their career and to succeed in the competitive job market.



The Charité International Academy offers a continuing education programme for healthcare professionals. It is aimed at international and German Physicians, nursing staff and scientists who would like to adequately meet the challenges of increasingly globalized education and job markets.

FH Erfurt

fh erfurt

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt enjoys a long tradition of engineering education. It is highly recognised for emphasis on theoretical and practical approach to academic and research.

Hochschule Zittau-Görlitz


The University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz is renowned as specialist knowledge, research and teaching in the field of energy and environment. It has a long-standing collaboration on research with public and private sector.

Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena


The University of Applied Sciences Jena rests on three educational columns: engineering Sciences, Business Administration and Social Studies. It has practical-oriented studies with very modern infrastructure and laboratories.

TH Brandenburg


The University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg offers attractive, cutting-edge degree courses in three disciplines: engineering, business administration and economics as well as information technology and media. It offers excellent individual support.

Cologne Business School


The Cologne Business School (CBS) is a private business school in the city of Cologne which offers German and English speaking study programs in economics. The campus is very modern and well-appointed.



The praxisHochschule is a private University of Applied Sciences in the city of Cologne. It concentrates on Health Care and Social Affairs. The students follow problem-oriented learning and gain many practical experiences during their studies.