How does the university placement work?

Each international student in our study in Germany university pathway programme receives an individualized roadmap on the basis of a personal interview and an eligibility assessment.

If you have signed up for a university pathway programme then you have automatically booked our university placement counselling service at no extra cost.

Once you have reached B2 level German you take an introductory seminar on the German university system and in particular concerning the Eurasia partner university to which you have been accepted as a student. One week later group counselling sessions are organized for all students in which the following themes are discussed in depth.

Your individual counselling session follows the group session. You will need to approach the counsellor and book an appointment for this. Here we will together finalise the arrangements for the placement and matriculation at your future university.

Individual Counselling Sessions

> General information relating to your chosen study programme (Bachelor and Master)

> Final choice of university and/or Studienkolleg based on the conditional offers received

> Detailed application procedure including advice on matters such as student accommodation

> Discussion and evaluation of feedback on your application from the university

> Final support with matriculation

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